My last client was every company’s worst nightmare. They were constantly late on deadlines. They wanted to tweak every detail. They changed the content so many times that we were way out of scope of the project with number of revisions. THEN they were upset about the extra billing time. And – to top it […]

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Content Marketing

Not so long ago about the only thing we had to worry about distinguishing  was a feature or a benefit for a service or a product. I remember grueling sales trainings where all we did was role play features and benefits – Oh M Gee!  Now, we have to not only worry about features and

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There are many questions that you should be asking when it comes to hiring a web designer – where do you start?  Preparing questions before interviewing your prospective website designers will put you in a better position to gather the information you need to hire the right person for the job. Here are some important

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Who is your “go to person?” Who do you call when you need a plumber or have a car repair or need a new dentist? Everyone knows a person that knows someone.  Jerry Seinfeld had “a guy.” Are you “that person?” How does one become “that person?” I’m a very loyal customer. I always ask

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Love them or hate them or are indifferent – the Alabama Crimson Tide is one heck of a football team dynasty. Growing up in Georgia – if you are a TRUE Georgian sports fan – you are either a Jacket or a Bulldog. For me, Georgia Tech was always #1 in our house – my

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My son’s first word was not Momma or Dadda but Truck. He was fascinated with trucks literally from his first words. Naturally we made the trek downtown for the annual Monster Truck Jam. The loudest and most obnoxious event I ever thought I might go to and was just was not looking forward to it.

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