Thinking about all the social media platforms out there can feel overwhelming. There are dozens of options to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and for small business owners, navigating and using them can be a full-time job. But it’s worth every bit of effort you put into it. Social media platforms […]

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All businesses want more leads they can turn into clients and into bottom line profits – right? Your website can do this for you by turning visitors to your site into bona fide prospects. Wait – how? Simply by adding or optimizing some simple actions on your existing website – no overhaul needed! And… we

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As much as it pains me to say – Congratulations to the Washington Nationals. The talking heads were right! In spite of all odds they showed up when it counted and won the World Series. And… they taught me some great business lessons along the way. Baseball is America’s National Pastime. Hot dogs, players in

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For some small business owners, shopping for a website company is like shopping for a great pair of shoes and that perfect cocktail dress. For them, just the thought of shopping sends shivers of joy through them and the anticipation of spending hours in stores and malls is just too much to bear! For others,

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My last client was every company’s worst nightmare. They were constantly late on deadlines. They wanted to tweak every detail. They changed the content so many times that we were way out of scope of the project with number of revisions. THEN they were upset about the extra billing time. And – to top it

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Who is your “go to person?” Who do you call when you need a plumber or have a car repair or need a new dentist? Everyone knows a person that knows someone.  Jerry Seinfeld had “a guy.” Are you “that person?” How does one become “that person?” I’m a very loyal customer. I always ask

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Love them or hate them or are indifferent – the Alabama Crimson Tide is one heck of a football team dynasty. Growing up in Georgia – if you are a TRUE Georgian sports fan – you are either a Jacket or a Bulldog. For me, Georgia Tech was always #1 in our house – my

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My son’s first word was not Momma or Dadda but Truck. He was fascinated with trucks literally from his first words. Naturally we made the trek downtown for the annual Monster Truck Jam. The loudest and most obnoxious event I ever thought I might go to and was just was not looking forward to it.

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