Who Should I Use?

Thank you for using my preferred partners. I use all of these companies and strongly recommend them.

GoDaddy is the Granddaddy of domains. When searching for a domain, I recommend that you write down some preferred domains in order from most wanted and go down the list. When you have a .COM domain that works, go ahead and purchase it. It may not be there when you come back to it due to nasty little robots (outside, nasty companies) that scan and look for domains that are being considered. Then they grab them before you can and will happily sell them to you at an over – inflated cost! So be ready! Worse case, you purchase it for a year (ALWAYS with privacy) and don’t renew it. About $20 for domain and privacy for a year.

123rf for any photo you can imagine and priced reasonably. 123rf is my “go to” because of the variety and the price. I’ve seen the same stock photos for triple the cost as the ones at 123rf. Check them out! Search away! You’ll be amazed at what they have in their inventory!

Acuity Scheduling is my online calendar company of choice. You do not have to hire a developer to set this up – and believe me – I researched plenty before I did this. I always hated that it seemed so “impersonal” to just schedule a consult. After going back and forth so many times trying – via email or text – to set appointments – I went this way. It saves both of us time and frustration. The busier we get -the more these make sense.

(And by the way – I do make a small commission on these referrals – all in the interest of full disclosure!)

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