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We’ve only touched the surface of some of the questions you may have. Hopefully this answers the most common questions. Please feel free to contact us or schedule a time to ask all the questions you may have about your website project.

The willingness to work on your business and the willingness and budget to pay for it!

We can either host your site for you or we can help you find a hosting company. There are many different types of hosting companies with different options. We can help you make informed decisions on what is best for your company.

If you are a small company or solopreneur it is more crucial than ever to have an online presence. A dedicated website provides authenticity to a business. It allows potential clients to see who you are and how you operated. A website works for you around the clock – even when you are in a meeting or sleeping!

There are actually several reasons for this but the short answer is “because.”

Because you are at Facebook’s mercy and they can and do change the rules all the time. Overnight your Facebook page can disappear and where will you be?

Facebook is great for relationship building and for social connection. Facebook just drastically changed the algorithms on all the small businesses that operate on Facebook. Did you get caught short? Most people forget Facebook is a business and its goal is to make money. How Facebook makes money is through the ads and boosted posts they sell. They say their goal is “engagement” and that is true but ultimately it’s about Facebook’s bottom line – as it is for all social media.

Finally, one of the reasons to have an actual website is to validate and authenticate your company. A bit of effort is involved in a website and a bit of expense. A Facebook page is essentially free. Any “fly by night” company that is here today, gone tomorrow can create one. Therefore the perception that a company with a website has is that it is a “real” company and I’m comfortable giving that company my money. They will deliver what they say they will. (Not 100% accurate but it’s perception that is mattering here!)

Yes, you can build your own with a “rent-a-site” and there are some good ones out there. A couple of reasons these may not be your best option.

1 – Investing in a professionally designed website is an expense a “grown up business” makes that is part of their marketing budget. It’s an investment in money and time. Investing in your own, professionally designed website shows the world you are a real business and you treat your business as such – you are serious and in the business to make money for the long haul.

2 – With a website from a builder, typically your business does not own the site – the builder company owns your site. You are renting space and renting a platform from them. So, if you decide you want to leave or change or the website company goes out of business, your site disappears. You don’t own your site. All the hard work and the time spent writing content goes away as does your content. Just like leasing a car, you have nothing when the website is gone.

3 – You are limited to what the builder site offers. The website builders have come up in the quality of what they offer in the past few years however you are still limited by only what they provide. It’s great you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or website designer to build one, but you have very few options and you can not add functionality but what they offer.

In general, I’d rather see a company have a website builder presence than only a Facebook page to represent their business – falling under the “it’s better than nothing” category. Before making the time commitment to build your own, contact us to for an estimate – you may find it’s not thousands of dollars and would be so worth it to let someone else deal with it!

All of our websites are responsive – which means they will work across all platforms – PC, Mac, Phones, Tablets and even Smart Watches. Keep in mind the sites are mobile friendly, which is different than a stand alone app.

You do! You own the site, the content, the graphics – everything! Always ask this question when comparing companies – for many of the “do it yourself” companies, once you leave the company – the site goes away. With it goes all your hard work, your time, your content, etc. Make sure you OWN it!

Most websites can be built and completed in 4-6 weeks at the most – and many times in a lot less time. The time frame depends on the designer schedule (what is in front of you.) Honestly though – the timeframe mainly depends on YOU – the client. Most of the time website builders wait for the client to provide any materials they are committed to providing – content – photos, logos, etc. Sometimes you just may not know yet the answer to a question – especially if you do not have a firm branding plan in place.

You may not need a complete new one. Many times, content can be repurposed – just maybe updated a bit and content many times is the costly part of a website. Just like fashion, websites have trends and “what’s in style.” You want your customers to know they are dealing with a company that stays current and on top of their industry. A current website will reflect that idea – that your business is on top of the industry trends.

If you have photos on the site that are outdated – equipment or products you no longer carry. If your dates are not current (including the site copyright date.) Take our Website Audit Quiz and it will give you a good indication if you need a new site.
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