Website Design

Website Design

Why do I need a website?

  • 97% of your potential clients go online to find businesses.
  • 30% of these potential clients will not do business with a business that does not have a website.
  • 75% of buyers make decisions regarding purchases around information they find online. 62% of those finalize their purchases based on what they learn online alone.
  • 77% of purchasers judge a company's trust and credibility based on their website design.

Need more reasons? There are a bazillion more!

What is good website design?

Good website design is more than pretty colors and images on a screen. Website design is form, function and usability. Good website design leads your customers to the actions you want them to take. Good website design also shows your customers that you identify with them. That you can help them solve their problems. That you will listen to them and help them.

Excellent Customer Experience

Use easy navigation to guide your client's website journey. 

Accurately Branded

Be consistent in look, tone, message and personality. Inspire trust and credibility. 

Messaging That Solves Problems

Your website is about them - not YOU! Show how you can help them! 

Easy to Navigate

Make sure your client can find what they need without spending a great deal of time. 

How are you engaging your customers? Are you trying to “hard sell” them or are you showing them the value of working with you? Potential customers want information. They want to know who you are and how you can help them. AND… they want to know it easily and quickly. This is what a well designed website can do for you and your business - attract your ideal client.

Why do I need a Website Designer? 

You inspire. You help people. You do important work. You are gifted and intuitive and so good at what you do! So why can't you build your website yourself?

Because it's not the best use of your time! You have better - more important - things to do than attempt to build a website. It looks easy - right? Just drag and drop a bunch of stuff.

So why is it so frustrating? Because it's not what you do best!

What are you looking for in a website design?

  • A website that speaks your client's language and talks about the problems you solve for them.
  • A website that represents you, your business and your brand accurately and honestly and draws new clients like bees to honey.
  • A website that looks as good, if not better, on mobile than it does on desktop.
  • Backend training so you can update and add "stuff" to the website yourself.
  • An optional maintenance plan so that we can update and add "stuff" to the site for you because you are way too busy making money to worry about adding "stuff" to the website.


Ready for a new website?

Are you inspired by what you've seen and read? Would you like for your website to do more for your business? Do you want it to represent you and your business and your current website is not? Contact us for a Website Audit!