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After you have reviewed the questions to prepare yourself for the meeting, the next step is to actually set up interviews with web designers (How exciting!!). Having well thought out questions to ask your chosen designers is essential and saves both you and the designer time. A couple of hints about the meeting – Your […]

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My last client was every company’s worst nightmare. They were constantly late on deadlines. They wanted to tweak every detail. They changed the content so many times that we were way out of scope of the project with number of revisions. THEN they were upset about the extra billing time. And – to top it

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My son’s first word was not Momma or Dadda but Truck. He was fascinated with trucks literally from his first words. Naturally we made the trek downtown for the annual Monster Truck Jam. The loudest and most obnoxious event I ever thought I might go to and was just was not looking forward to it.

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