Marketing your stuff on the internet is getting harder and harder. As a consumer, you might have plenty of experience shopping for products online. But what about when you approach digital marketing as a business owner?  How should you do this? First, you start with a web presence that you own. But, should you have …

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5 Ways to Avoid Domain Name Angst

Website images can make or break a great website. Carefully selected stock photos are okay but the absolute best is having your own branded photographs taken. I strongly suggest using a brand photographer – one that specializes in these types of lifestyle photos. Branded photos are different than headshot and newborn photos and can be …

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You are ready for a website and you are getting all sorts of advice from well meaning friends and family. You need this. You need that. Hire a website developer because that is what you need. You don’t need a website developer you need a website designer. I have a friend that is a graphic …

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