3 Steps for Planning a Lasting Social Media Strategy

Does it seem that just when you think you have your social media strategy all figured out – Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn – then they change algorithms and BAM – all that work disappears. What should a business owner do?

It’s simple – stick to a social media content strategy that crosses social media lines. Sure – we have to play by their rules, but we can also use a simple strategy to stay ahead… Here are my top three recommendations when planning out your social media strategy.

1 – Rule NUMBER 1 for all platforms – Keep Your Content First Always!

It’s simple – give good content to your followers. But wait – what makes good content?

  • Good content offers a solution to your followers’ problems
  • Good content is about THEM not you (which is not to say you shouldn’t post a photo of you – the content just goes back to how you help your followers)
  • Good content gives value and doesn’t sell. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% value and 20% selling or offering your products.
  • Use a great story! A great story will create engagement. If you don’t have a story of your own, borrow one!

2 – Use content to build the Know, Like, Trust factor.

As appealing as “the world’s best-kept secret” sounds, for businesses – it’s bottom line suicide. We all know people do business with people they “know, like, and trust.” And… while this will be a future subject for a much more in-depth post, the highlights are here:

Know – be visible and “get known.”  How/ Attend networking events, speak on stages, be active on your social media. Blog. Comment on posts and engage in other businesses ‘ social media.

Like – the only real rule for this one is to be yourself. Your goal is to attract your ideal client by being yourself and looking for a “like” connection. You do not necessarily need “everyone” to like you – just your ideal client. Speak to your ideal client in everything you do – from your networking elevator pitch to your presentations on stage to your social media content and blogs on your website.

Trust – you may have ideal clients that know you and like you – but do they trust you? The easiest and quickest way to show trust is through social proof – testimonials and reviews are so crucial to today’s businesses. You are missing a golden opportunity if you are not highlighting testimonials and reviews in your online marketing. How to get them? Ask!

3 – Always drive everyone back to your website.

I hear this all the time – are websites still relevant? YES is always my unbiased answer. Why? Because unless you are on a “rent a site” you and only you control what happens on your website. No one can change algorithms or tell you what you can or cannot post to your website. You can’t be banned or blocked off your website.

By driving your social media followers back to your website, you can offer them valuable content in exchange for their email address. This will allow you to rinse and repeat content to them on a consistent basis. Emails are still the best way to communicate with your ideal client – using the above numbers 1 and 2 – you will always provide value to your client.

In addition to social media, there are a variety of different types of content that you can use over and over again!

  • Share Stories – stories make the marketing world go round. Stories can be used in all of the above, including every social media platform. Keep your eyes open for stories and the way you can use them. Watch for ways you can relate them to your business. If you don’t think you have stories – borrow them! “I have a friend” is popular for a reason!
  • Blog posts – are you blogging regularly on your website? Not only does this add valuable content, but it helps your SEO rankings by adding new content to your site.
  • Emails – with emails, it’s critical to let your ideal clients know what to expect, do what you say, and be consistent. Not doing what you say will significantly affect that “trust” factor mentioned earlier.
  • Podcasts – do you have a podcast, or are you a frequent guest on podcasts? Use your show topics and recordings for your content. If the host doesn’t transcript the show, you do it. Loads of content there!
  • Re-purpose old content – there’s gold in old posts! Bring them back and update, update, update. Post it again to a different audience!
  • Curate Content – look for high-performing and relevant articles in your industry and share them or make a blog post of them.

In 1996 Bill Gates wrote in an essay that “Content is King.” Keep in mind the internet was in its infancy and social media was just a twinkle in My Space’s eye. So that many years ago, content was valuable, and it still is. Using the information from this blog will help you with content ideas and ways to use it. Now… go forth and write!

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