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How can a non technical person transform into a technical business?  By pure determination and the will to do.  The story of how all the pieces fell into place to transform my life and business into where I am today. We also debate the merits of websites verses social media (Spoiler alert! Sean doesn’t think a great website is needed! Lori does!)  We also talk about decision making and the process of making decisions. What is the worst thing that can happen if you make a wrong decision?

We also talk about “igniting your business” and what does this mean? Sean makes a great point that iginition needs 3 things – fuel, spark and air. A descriptive way of taking action – launch and liftoff. This is often the way small business works – this cycle of ignition, flame, burn and then slow burn.

How do you ignite your business?

Listen to the podcast episode here!

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