VIP Intensive

Greetings and Welcome! I’m really looking forward to working with you. 

So… let’s get started….

The following questions are designed to give me a high level overview of your business and what you are currently doing in your marketing, if anything. Prior to our time, I will review your websites and the social media you participate in from a business standpoint. For today, please just provide business links unless you use your personal pages for your business. 

Don’t spend a lot of time with these – perfect is not a requirement! In fact, I deliberately don’t give you a lot of time because generally the first answers are the best ones!  If a question doesn’t apply, please just write NA so I know you saw the question. 

Along with the questionnaire, please watch the video and complete the worksheet on your Ideal Client. The ideal client worksheet should be completed after this questionnaire. Click here for the Ideal Client information. 

I look forward to our time together! Lori

VIP Intensive

Preliminary questionnaire for those participating in a VIP Marketing Intensive

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    Feel free to add the year as 2020 instead of your actual birth year.
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    This part of the questionnaire is general questions about your business, your Unique Value Propositions and your target market.
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