Insider's Tips 2

Insider's Tips 2

Would You Love Some Insider Info?

What if you had 20 business experts in one room? What would you ask them? What would you want to know? Wouldn’t you just love to “pick their brain?” What would that be worth to your business?

Now you can get an “inside” look into some of these experts top business building tips. Topics range from systems to keeping focus. From customer service/experience to branding and social media. A tip for every business and every business person. Not for Profits and Networking Marketing businesses are included in these tips!

Lori Lyons is a contributing author to Insider Tips 2 sharing tips from Home/Life Work Balance to Customer Experience to Being a Leader. With over 35 years of practical work experience – from retail to corporate to small business entrepreneur to direct marketing – Lori can speak to it all!

Insider Tips 2 has over 20 contributing authors providing their best tips on starting, running, expanding and even retiring from a successful business. This book is a must read for every entrepreneur or wanna-be entrepreneur just starting out.

Ready to be the CEO of your own business? Add Insider Tips 2 to YOUR bookshelf! Order now!

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For the CEO or soon to be CEO of your own small business – helpful tips from accounting to social media to “having it all.” Tips for running a successful small business for ALL business owners!
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