Content Made Easy

Content Made Easy

"Plan" is not a 4 letter word!

When we think marketing we typically don’t think about planning it. A thought out plan will make your marketing much simpler than if you “wing it.” The plan I have attached is a fillable pdf that will allow you to lay out your marketing over the course of 12 months, breaking it further down into a weekly plan. 

All good marketing is attached to revenue goals – it’s why we are in business – right? The plan includes your revenue goals and how your marketing feeds the revenue goals. 

I’ve attached a video guide to walk you through the plan and show you exactly how to fill out the form. Once you’ve completed it, take it to a printer and have a large scale size printed. (I recommend 11 x 17.) Refer to it often! 

Download your worksheet here. This is a fillable PDF so you can fill it out on your computer then print it for reference. 

Did You Know I Help
Business Owners One on One?

Some people call it coaching. But it’s more than that. 
It’s strategy.
It’s brainstorming.
It’s accountability.
It’s marketing made simple.
Let’s have a chat to see if this is right for you and your business. 

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