Wellness Waggin'

Wellness Waggin’ is an in home, holistic acupuncture and treatment service for your pets. Prior to working with us, they had a Wix site that was hosted by another hosting company. Moving the Wix site essentially “broke” the site, making it hard to use and just visually not pleasing. It certainly did not reflect the owners vibrant personality and love of animals.

Ignite Marketing designed a site that was fun and engaging. It gave functionality to the site to help Dr. Schepps with patient intake to save the pet owner time – allowing more time with Dr. Schepps and their pet – not filling out forms.

The added benefit is that pet owners are getting a great sense of what Dr. Schepps does, how she does it and the treatment methods she uses to make their pets healthy and happy again!

Lori is one of the easiest women I've had the pleasure to work with. She listens to what I want on my website, asks detailed questions and puts what's in my head onto the screen. I love working with Lori because not only do we have an incredible amount of fun, her work is on time and has exceeded my expectations. She's prompt in responding to my questions and makes changes to my site with extreme efficiency. I recommend Lori's work with 5 Stars!
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