Website Kickoff

Greetings and Welcome to Ignite Marketing! Right now you are probably feeling excited and probably a bit overwhelmed with all there is to do. Our goal is to ease this process so it’s not overwhelming. We will take this step by step – if you can get into the “content mindset” and break it down into what makes sense, then we will move swiftly and easily through this. Whatever you do, we will be here to help you!

The questionnaire is best done on a laptop versus a tablet or mobile device. Chrome or Firefox are recommended as the best browsers to use. 

So… let’s get started….

Before proceeding with the Kickoff Questionnaire – please refer to the Working with Igniting Your Business Policies and Procedures and read carefully. I will be happy to address any questions regarding this page. I will ask you as part of the questionnaire for your agreement and that you have read the really long (I know!) page. I’ve learned over the years this will help both of us to provide you with a great website and experience working together.

Website Kickoff Questionnaire


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