VIP Intensive -
New Business

VIP Intensive -
New Business

Greetings and Welcome! I’m really looking forward to working with you. 

So… let’s get started….

The following questions are designed to give me a high level overview of what you see your business will be. Prior to our time, I will review your websites (if you have them) and the social media you participate in from a business standpoint. For today, please just provide business links unless you use your personal pages for your business. I recognize you have a new business so don’t worry if you don’t have any of these yet – some do, some don’t! 

Don’t spend a lot of time with these questions – perfect is not a requirement! Sometimes what we write initially is the subconscious working – let it!  

Along with the questionnaire, please watch the video and complete the worksheet on your Ideal Client. The ideal client worksheet should be completed after this questionnaire. Click here for the Ideal Client information. 

I look forward to our time together! Lori

VIP Intensive New Business

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