Lori Lyons

Lori Lyons

Business is serious but it doesn't
mean the processes can't be fun.

Business is fun and building your company’s website can be fun… or at least the process and experience should be. The end goal, to provide you with a great website that works for you 24/7 and represents you online, is very serious. The process, though, doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing or frustrating. If you aren’t willing to laugh and enjoy the process, then I’m okay with it if you don’t contact us. (I’m only sort of kidding! 😉 )

I’ve heard so many horror stories from small business owners when hiring their first website company. This should be a great time for an owner – the equivalent of a teenager’s first car! From unclear processes to copying someone else’s website design to disappearing – the list is endless. If you’ve had a bad experience, rest easy. My goal is to make this experience simple, organized and yes… fun!

So what then?

I strive to make sure your brand and company is represented accurately online because it’s so important. You want to make sure the company culture shows through loud and clear. This is especially important for solopreneurs! Are you a creative? Are you a coach? Do you sell products or services? What is your area of expertise? Why do potential clients want to work with you? What pain points can you solve for them? These are all questions that a good website designer can interpret into your online strategy. I want your website to be “you on a website.”

Why small businesses?

Small companies are challenging and invigorating. They can make decisions on the fly, they are always looking for an edge up, they are innovative and they usually do it on a challenging budget. I’m in my element when I can brainstorm marketing ideas and then translating those ideas to a website strategy. It’s very fulfilling to work with a company and see the results of your combined efforts in higher sales for that company. That makes it all worthwhile…

And, by the way, my website is exactly what I hope to accomplish for you – your brand, your style, your personality. I worked hard to make sure my website represents me and my company. I would love to help you with yours! Click below if you’d like an audit and some time to discuss your site! (And… if you don’t like it… well… just keep it to yourself. 😉 )


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