Dr. Deborah Wilder

Dr. Deborah Wilder is a pyschologist who’s main passion is to help individuals and couples dealing with divorce. Prior to working with us, Dr. Wilder had a “rent a site” that was very generic, with content that didn’t really address how she helps people. In addition, Dr. Wilder wanted to drive traffic to her website through Facebook and Google Ads.

The bad news for Dr. Wilder was that her previous website was not set up to allow for this type of advertising. When driving traffic to your website from online advertising, the infrastructure and content must be able to handle the traffic.

With Dr. Wilder’s beautiful new website, not only is the design representative of her, but the site is able to handle the new amount of traffic. Potential clients will now get an idea of who Dr. Wilder is as now her warmth and her trusting presence show through on every page.

From the outset, working with Lori has been a pleasure both personally and professionally. She listened to my interests and needs and designed a website that is comprehensive, effective and of which I am proud. The recommendations that Lori has made over time have all been terrific, and, because of her vast knowledge and experience, I trust her judgement. Lori is an idea generator. She is creative, fun, bright and energetic.There is no substitute for being able to trust someone completely with a significant representation of one's livelihood (my website), and Lori is the one whom I entrust to design, sustain and maintain this very essential and critical part of my business.
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