Cabaki’s Catering

Cabaki’s Catering

Cabaki’s Catering is a full service catering company from events to weddings to intimate in-home catered parties. Their previous website literally disappeared on them – along with their domain name. After months of wrangling, they were able to regain the domain, but needed an entirely new website.

We gave them a website that showed the diversity of their services, showing that they can give their clients a very elegant touch or provide a down home flair or a fun, exciting sports team party.

Cabaki’s also wanted to be able to link to their online catering menu, allowing clients to easily order online with a format they were comfortable with. This also saved money on the design end by not recreating online order forms – we used what was already working for them.

Overall, their website traffic has increased dramatically and their business has skyrocketed!

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