Maid in America

Maid In America

Maid In America is a 25+ year old natural and healthy cleaning company in the Atlanta suburbs. Their previous website was not really representative of what they did nor did it "talk" to their potential clients.

With Maid in America, we completely "gutted" the site. We used some of the content but focused primarily on the benefits of using the services of Maid in America. They differient themselves in the market by using natural, healthy and non-toxic cleaning supplies. This is a bonus and what their brand is about. We found what initially draws potential clients to them, however, is the need to save time and enjoy more family time instead of cleaning their home. This is what we focused on - What Would You Do With More Time?

We used fun and fanciful photos of women and families doing FUN stuff - showing what can be done if you have more time and are not cleaning bathrooms. The campaign is being used in social media and carried throughout the blogs and posts. The client has been more than pleased with the outcome and the response from potential clients.

Vicky Bates

I am thrilled with the work that Lori Lyons did in re-creating my Maid in America website.  I had a former web designer who did not have the expertise and skills that I needed to present the image I needed.  When Lori stepped in, she not only created my website but she also provided professional branding advise which I had never considered and am so grateful to now understand its importance.  Lori is a wealth of information.  She genuinely cares about her clients and invests complete quality in the work she provides for them.  I continue to use her professional services for all my website and branding needs.